VLZ 1202

VLZ 1202

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Main Mix Noise
20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, 1/4 in. Main out, channels 1-4 Trim @ unity gain, channel EQs flat, all channels assigned to main mix, channels 1 and 3 pan left, 2 and 4 pan right

Main Mix knob fully counterclockwise, channel Gain knobs down: -100dBu

Main Mix knob unity, channel Gain knobs down: -86.5dBu
(90dB Signal to Noise Ratio, ref +4dBu) Main Mix knob @ unity, channel

Gain knobs @ unity: -84.5dBu

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
1kHz @ +14dBu, 20Hz-20kHz
Mic in to Main out: 0.0007%

Attenuation (Crosstalk)
1kHz relative to 0dBu, 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, Line in, 1/4" Main Out, Trim @ unity
Main Mix knob down: -85dBu
Channel Alt/Mute switch engaged: -84dBu
Channel Gain knob down: -83dBu

Frequency Response
Any input to any output
20Hz to 60kHz: +0dB/-1dB
10Hz to 100kHz: +0dB/-3dB

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)
Mic in to Insert Send out, max gain
150 ohm termination: -129.5dBm unweighted

Common Mode Rejection (CMR)
Mic in to Insert Send out, max gain
1kHz: better than 90dB

Maximum Levels
Mic in: +22dBu
Tape in: +16dBu
All other inputs: +22dBu
Main Mix XLR out: +28dBu
All other outputs: +22dBu

Mic in: 1.3 kilohms
Channel Insert return: 2.5 kilohms
All other inputs: 10 kilohms or greater
Tape out: 1.1 kilohms
All other outputs: 120 ohms

High Shelving: ?15db @ 12kHz
Mid Peaking: ?12dB @ 2.5kHz
Low Shelving: ?15db @ 80Hz

Power Consumption
120VAC, 50/60Hz, 25 watts

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