LAB 2002

LAB 2002

20.- € (excl. 19 % VAT.)

The LAB 2002 is a compact (2 unit high) light-weight (10 kg) power amplifier designed for high quality touring sound systems and fixed installations.

The chassis is made of 2 mm-black anodised aluminium, with a 4-mm thick front panel. The switch-mode power supply is placed just behind the front panel to ensurenoise free operation. Two proportional speed fans cool both the power supply and the two output channels with airflow from front to back.

The switch-mode power supply is the modern solution of the weight and size problem. With switch technology operating at a high frequency, it is possible to use ferrite transformers instead of heavy iron transformers and large electrolytic capacitors.

Switch-mode technology has been applied in power supplies in TV-sets during the latest 30 years. But in the LAB 2002 the power capacitivity is 20 times larger. We have designed the LAB 2002 to obtain the same characteristics as a conventional power supply. Thanks to the switch-mode power supply it is easy to get the DC-rail voltage stabilised. This is made by controlling the magnetic energy in the ferrite transformer with a pulse width processor and magnetic ”Flux Sense” windings.

The LAB 2002 has an upgraded version of the well-known switch mode output stage from the LAB 2000. A solid copper cooler, called Intercooler®, originally designed for our LAB 1300 power amplifier cools the power transistors.

Lab. gruppen’s specially designed thermal feedback circuit protects against thermal breakdown.